Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Target Deals for the week of December 26th

Oh if only I had a Super Target in my town!  I would be a happy camper!!  I would probably do all of my grocery shopping there.  As of now, I generally shop for groceries at both Walmart and Target.  I absolutely LOVE shopping at Target and can usually get some really good deals!!  The reason??  Target store coupons!  What's so great about them?  You can "stack" them (use in addition to) with manufacturer coupons.  This can make for huge savings, especially when combined with a weekly sale!  Check out Target's coupon policy here.  It's a good idea to be familiar with it. 

Here's what I snagged at Target this week:

Purchased 2 pizza lunchables @ $1.27/each
(used $1/2 Lunchables Target coupon HERE)
paid .77/each

Purchased 2 Eggo waffles @ $1.75/each
(used $1/2 Eggo mfr. coupon HERE)
paid $1.25/each

Purchased 2 boxes Market Pantry mini chicken sandwiches on sale @ $1.99/each
(Used $3/2 Market Pantry frozen chicken item Target coupon HERE)
paid .49/each

Purchased 1 pkg. Up & Up liners @ .87
(used  .75/1 Up & Up feminine product Target coupon HERE)
paid .12

Purchased 1 20 ct. Nexcare kids bandages @ $2.24
(used $1/1 Nexcare mfr. coupon HERE)
(used .50/1 Nexcare item Target coupon HERE)
paid .74

Purchased 2 cans Campbell's Chunky Soup @ $1.50/each
(used $1/2 Campbell's mfr. coupon HERE)
(used $1/2 Campbell's soup Target coupon HERE)
paid .50/each

Toy deal:  purchased Toy Story Space Shooter Target game, original price $15.00 on clearance for $10.56.  There was a peelie coupon on the front of the box for an additional $5.00 off!! Paid $5.56!  Made a great deal to set aside for a birthday gift later in the year!

Total paid:  $13.09
Total saved:  $16.62

Not a bad shopping trip this week!!

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