Saturday, February 12, 2011

Exciting News for Tyler People!!

A friend of mine shared some very exciting news yesterday!  She has been talking/working with Walmart corporate and the managers at the S. Broadway location about accepting Target store (printable) coupons.  (Since, the new Walmart coupon policy claims to accept competitor coupons.)  They have agreed that they will start accepting them!  (I don't know about other locations) These will be treated as a price adjustment so, I am assuming, that we can "stack" these with a manufacturer coupon as well!  I am so excited about this!  Since we do not have a Super Target, we don't get to take advantage of a lot of the Target coupons.  This will do great things for my budget!  My friend was told to give them a couple of weeks to get everyone trained in the process.  She is going to keep me posted on how it goes.  I'm ready to give it a try!  I just wanted to pass this along to all of you!  Thanks so much for the info Kim!!

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