Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Freezer Cooking

After reading this post today on Money Saving Mom, I was inspired to do a little cooking for the freezer and take advantage of the "snow day".  Well, the almost snow day, anyway.  It was nice to have my son home from school at 10 am regardless!  Anyway, this recipe for Beef and Bean burritos caught my eye and, lo and behold, I had all the ingredients on hand to whip it up.  One of the many benefits of stockpiling!  So now, I have 20 homemade burritos in my freeze to take out for lunch or dinner or whatever!!  I plan to make pancakes and waffles to freeze as well.  That really helps in the mornings for a quick breakfast.  I just haven't gotten there, yet.  But, I will.  Eventually.  This got me to thinking that some of you might be interested in knowing the types of foods I try to keep on hand all the time.  Or you may not be interested.

But if you are interested, here is my list:

canned tomatoes/rotel
tomato sauce
pasta sauce
cream of soups (although I do make my own cream of chicken soup)
peanut butter
mac & cheese mixes
rice/noodle mixes
quick "helper meals"  - although we have these ONLY in an emergency! :)
canned veggies
canned soups (veggie, chicken noodle, etc)
taco seasoning
cream of chicken soup mix
non-fat dry milk
pancake/waffle mix
ritz/wheat thins
graham crackers
ketchup/mustard/mayo/ranch dressing

shredded cheese
gr. beef (both cooked & uncooked)
chicken (cooked/diced & uncooked)
other meats (steak, roast, pork, fish, turkey, etc) - I buy what is reduced so I never know what I'll have on hand!
cooked pinto beans (homeade)
chicken broth (homeade)
frozen veggies (peas, broccoli, etc.)
frozen popcorn shrimp/fish
frozen pizza
breaded chicken nuggets/tenders, etc.
corn/flour tortillas
english muffins

I generally will have several made ahead meals/soups/veggies etc. in the freezer and ready to go.  I will usually divide recipes into two dishes and freeze half  for another meal.  I keep a list near the freezer to keep up with what I have on hand, and what I need to have on hand.  It sure makes life easier when my shopping list each week is only 10 items, rather than 50.  I love being able to shop for mostly sale items (you know, to stockpile), dairy, meat and produce!  Please feel free to share items that you like to keep stocked that I didn't list!

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