Thursday, March 3, 2011

Walgreen's Shopping Trip 3/3

This week's trip did not go as smoothly as I would like.  I never could find the elusive Motrin PM and the fillers available weren't great so it threw my scenarios and my oop (out of pocket) off a little.  It's okay though.  I regrouped, refigured and made it work.   And got some candy for our road trip!  I knew going into this week that my oop would be a higher than usual.  As long as I stay within my total budget, I'm okay with it.  I try to keep my oop to $10 or less.  Normally it's less than $5.  (I know some of you spend way less than that, but I still consider myself to be pretty "green" when it comes to shopping at Walgreen's).  I always try to do the diaper deals and I can pretty much count on spending more than "normal" when I do.  I also started with only a $2 RR (the lowest I've had in a while).  I did the Pampers deal last week and wiped most of them out.  I'll catch back up, eventually!  My goal over the next few weeks is going to be building my RR back up.  Hopefully the deals will be there!

Sidenote:  I did get a laugh from the male cashier who checked me out.  When I did my second transaction he laughed as he commented:  "I should just give it to you, 'cause you're not gonna have to pay anything anyways!"  I love the cashier's that make it easy!

Here is how it went:

Total spent oop: $16.51
Total value: $68.70
Total saved:  $52.19
RR remaining: $2 :(
Net oop: $14.51

Here's what I got:

4 Colgate toothpaste
3 jumbo packs Huggies
2 Nasogel sprays
3 Baby Magic hair and body wash
1 Baby Magic lotion
1 Aquaphor
5 Butterball chicken broth
2 Chicken of the Sea tuna
2 Ramen Noodles
4 Reese's Peanut Butter cup 2 pks.


  1. So did you split it up, so that you could put RR towards others? and so on? I'd like to see how it is split up.

  2. Yes I did multiple tranactions. More this time than I usually do. I spent most of the money in the first trans. I bought all of the stuff that had RR - colgate, aquaphor, nasogel, and baby magic and fillers. I used the $2RR that I had and paid the rest. I bought a huggies and fillers and paid with $4 RR from the aquaphor and the $ from the colgate. I used the $3 from the baby magic to buy colgate. I went back and forth between these 2 a couple of times until I used all my q's. ended with $3 from baby magic. I then bought huggies and a couple fillers and used the $5RR from the nasogel and the $3 from the baby magic. I bought nasogel and fillers and paid with $2 RR from both huggies. Next I bought baby magic and colgate (this colgate rang up $2 - not sure why) and used $5 from nasogel. Got another pack of diapers and fillers. Used $3 from baby magic and $3 from colgate. Left with $2 from Huggies. Not a great scenario but I didn't want to do more transctions so I chose to just pay a little more on my last trans and be done with it. I was hoping fr cheaper fillers but all the v-day stuff is gone :( Hope that helps!!

  3. Broadway and Rieck still has some great Valentine's fillers.

    Don't worry about the # of transactions or OOP. It takes time get all this down, and you're off to a great start!

  4. Thanks Cricket! It threw me that I never could find the motrin pm. The Troup/Loop Walgreen's had the Colgate Advanced clean ringing up for $2. It wasn't marked. I took advantage of it and got some extra broth. It didn't ring up that price at Rieck.