Monday, March 14, 2011

Walgreen's Shopping Trip Week of 3/6

While we were vactioning I wanted to make sure that I took advantage of the cheap-free Pediacare.  I should have stopped in Texas but didn't have a chance.  So, I waited until we had arrived.  My first mistake was the sales tax rate in TN is about 9.75% (even on meds) and my second mistake is that you pay the tax on the amount only after the Walgreen's discount.  You pay the tax on the m. coupons.   I decided to go ahead with my transactions because I would not be back in Texas in time to get this deal.  Oh well.  I still saved regardless.  I have a teething baby and we go through this stuff!  I did 2 transactions at 2 different stores.  (I guess this was my third mistake - keep reading!) The first transaction, I did while we stopped on a break from driving.  Here is how it went:

Purchased 4 Pediacare Infant drops @ $23.96 ($5.99 each)
Purchased 1 Always liner 34 ct @ $2.99
total: $26.95
 - used 2 $3/2 Pediacare printable (no longer available)
 - used 1 $.50/1 Always liners from 2/27 P&G
 - used Walgreen's $5/1 in-ad coupon for Pediacare (took off $20)
total paid: $.45
Received $2 RR for Always

The second transaction I did a few hours down the road (after we'd arrived) while buying our groceries for the week.  Here is how it went:

Purchased 2 Pediacare infant drops @ $12.98 ($6.49 each.  These were priced a little higher.  Guess I should have got them at the first stop but was trying to save time!)
Purchased 1 Always liners @ $2.99
total:  $15.97
 - used 1 $3/2 Pediacare printable
 - used $5/1 Pediacare Walgreen's in-ad coupon (took off $10)
*I could have used a $2 RR that I already had from last week but decided to hang onto it since I was so low.*
total paid: $2.97
Recieved $2 RR for Always

Grand total: $3.42
total value:  $42.92 (at sale prices)
total saved:  $39.50
RR Received:  $4 

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  1. No tax on coupons or food was a wonderful surprise when we moved here last year. I think my first transaction at a Walgreens in Texas came out to less than .10 and I was standing at the register a bit flabbergasted and trying to figure out what they had missed in my transaction. I quickly realized that it's a whole different world down here in TX. The same transaction would have cost me over $2.50 in tax alone back home.