Monday, March 28, 2011

Walmart Paid Me to Shop!

Well, sort of.  While I didn't technically walk out with cash in hand, Walmart's new coupon policy helped to pay down my total so I had less OOP!  I had several coupons that were valued over the price of the item.  Walmart's new policy allows for overage on coupons to be applied to your balance.  After my coupons, not only were those items free, but I had $4.39 overage!

Here is what I purchased:
(2) 40 ct. Gain dryer sheets @ $1.87
  - used (2) $3/ any Gain sheets from 2/13 RP
   Free plus $1.13 overage on each!
(2) Wardley Goldfish food @ $1.48
 - used (2) $2/1 printable
 Free plus $.52 overage on each!
(1) Purex 3-n-1 sheets (travel sz.) @ $.97
 - used $ 1/1 (no sz restriction) from 3/13 RP
 Free plus $.03 overage!
(1) Revlon Nail Clipper @ $1.42
 -used $2/1 printable (on Target site but is a manu. Q)
Free plus $.58 overage!
(1) McCormick Taco seasoning @ $.52
 - used $1/1 McCormick seasoning from 3/13 RP
 Free plus $.48 overage!

$4.39 overage applied to my total!

Here is a breakdown of the coupons used on other items:

2 Ronzoni Smart Taste rotini @ $1.08
 -used 1/2 printable
$.54/each (less than CV brand)
2 Daisy cottage cheese @ $2.24
 - used (2) $.65/1 printable
$1.59/each (less than GV brand)
1 Danonino yogurt 6 pk @ $1.97
 - used $1/1 from 2/27 SS
1 Lay's potato chips @ $2.50
 - used $.55/1 from 3/13 SS
$1.95 (less than GV brand)
1 dozen Great Day Natural eggs @ $1.62
 - used $1/1 printable
$.62 (less than GV brand)

I also stocked up on canned veggies, tomatoes and rice since they were at a decent price ($.50/each) this week (price matched).   The only other things I picked up were dairy, meat, produce, and a few frozen items.

My total before coupons:  $61.63 (inlcudes price matches)
total after coupons:  $42.78!!
total savings:  $18.85 (not including price matches, so actual savings is greater)

Not a bad week at Walmart!

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