Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekly Shopping Trip 4/24

I am going to resume posting my shopping trips here so that I can include any coupon links for you.  I think that will be more helpful for you.  If you haven't checked already, Cricket, at Thrifty Texas Penny  has all the matchups for next weeks Walgreen's and CVS ads.  And Julie Over at Pary Moppins has the Brookshire's matchups for this week. 

FYI, Cricket and I will be teaching a coupon class for Tyler area people NEXT Thursday evening May 5th.  If you are interested please email me at and I will email you the time and location.  If you have already emailed Cricket, there is no need to reply to me also.  It will be a fun night for couponers of all levels!

Here is the breakdown of my trip this week:

Walmart (no picture, sorry!)
Spent: $48.19
Saved: $14.96


Bought (4) Nature Valley Granola Bars at $2 (I price matched these to the Super 1 ad)
 - used (4) $.50/1 printable
 - used (2) $1/2 Target printable
Bought 3 Chef Boyardee pasta @ $.80 (price cut)
 - used (1) $.50/3 printable (man q on Target site)
total spent: $5.90
total saved: $6.50


Trans #1
Bought (1) Stayfree @ $2.99
 - used $1/1 from 3/27 RP
Bought (3) Act II Popcorn @ $.99
Bought (1) Nestle Crunch bar @ $.50 (should have been $.39 but I didn't catch it until I had left, so my total should have been $.11 less.  Not worth a trip back.)
1 Pringles @ $1.33
 - used in ad Q for popcorn (took off  $2.22)
 - used $4 RR
total spent:  $.58
total saved:  $7.70
RR recieved: $3

Trans #2
Bought (1) Stayfree @ $2.99
 - used $1/1 printable
Bought (3) Nestle butterfinger snackers @ $.39
 - used $1/2 printable redeemable at Walgreen's ( I bought 3 to avoid the coupon beeps)
Bought (3) Act II popcorn @ $.99
 - used in ad Q for popcorn (took off $2.22)
Bought (1) Easter pencil @ $.39 (not on clearance yet)
 - used $3 RR
total spent: $.30
total saved: $8.27
RR received: $3

Trans #3
Bought (1) Stayfree @ $2.99
 -used $1/1 printable
Bought (1) Act II popcorn @ $.99
 - used in ad Q for popcorn (took of $.74)
Bought (1) Nexcare bandages @ $2.99
 - used $.55/1 from 4/3 SS
 - submit for "Try Me Free" rebate for $2.99 (attached to box)
 - used $3 RR
total spent: $.68
total saved: $7.59
RR received:  $3

Walgreen's total:  $1.56 ($2 including stamp for rebate.  After $2.99 rebate my total will be $-.99!)
total saved:  $23.57 (not including rebate)

Super 1 (no picture, sorry!)
Bought (3) Jose Ole appetizers @ $2.88
 - used (3) $2/1 printables (these may not be available anymore but I would check!)
Bought (2) John Morrell smoked sausage @ $1
total spent:  $4.64
total saved:  $15.59

Grand total spent: $60.29 
total saved:  $45.02 (not including the $2.99 rebate)

I have not shopped at CVS in a couple of weeks :(  Just haven't had the deals for me.  I'm sure you've heard it before but that's the great thing about having a stockpile - you don't HAVE to shop during the slow weeks.  I will be starting this upcoming week with $14 RR and $10 ECB.  I haven't even had a chance to look at the ads for next week, but hopefully there will be some deals!

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  1. This in wonderful Jennifer! It helps to really see what someone got and how they did it before the sales end. I do fine with Wags and CVS purchases, but groceries end up getting put away or eaten before I remember to snap a picture. In a perfect world I could show everything I bought like I used to do. I don't foresee that happening anytime soon though :-)