Friday, June 24, 2011

Mega Swagbucks Friday!

Don't forget that it's Friday!  That means that it's Mega Swagbucks Friday!  That means the odds are better that you will win higher amounts of Swagbucks for searching the web!  Not familiar with Swagbucks?  Swagbucks is a search engine where you earn digital dollars periodically for doing things like searching the web.  (This is something you do anyway so you might as well get paid for it!)  Swagbucks can then be cashed in for gift cards and other merchandise.  I use mine to buy Amazon gift cards.  It only takes 450 Swagbucks to earn a $5 Amazon giftcard.  I use these giftcards to buy things such as diapers and other nonperishable items.  This really helps to lower my budget and save money!  I promise, it really works!!   Click here to learn more and to sign up!!

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