Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekly Shopping Trip for 6/5

I did my shopping early this week and didn't do a whole lot of it.  I don't even plan to shop at CVS or Walgreen's this week *GASP*.    That's what I like about having a nice stockpile, I don't HAVE to go shopping!  I did go to Walmart and Brookshire's for the sales and few good deals, as well as milk, produce, etc.  I also stopped in Dollar Tree for bread and picked up a couple of things at Target.


Brookshire's had a BOGO sale this week so I was able to get some good deals and have restocked my freezer!

Here is the breakdown:

Purchased: (BOGO for $.01)
(2) Fast Fixin's chicken @ $7  = $3.50 each
(2) Ground Turkey @ $3.80 = $1.90 each
(2) Boneless Pork Chops @ $3.87 = $1.94 each
(2) Nature Valley Granola bars @ $3.56 (- $.50/2 insert coupon) = $1.53 each
(2) Classico Pasta Sauce @ $2.89 (-$1/2 insert coupon) = $.95 each
(4) Lean Cuisine @ $5.46 (-$1/4 insert coupon) = $1.37 each
(2) Turkey Meatballs @ $4 = $2 each
(2) Nilla Wafers @ $4 = $2 each
(2) 5 lb Russet potatoes @ $3 = $2.50 each

Total spent:  $35.08
Total saved:  $39.72 or 53%

*you can search the coupon database on the right for the specific Qs that I used during my trip.  I threw the post up during a small window of time and didn't have time to get the info for you.  I know there are several Qs for the Granola bars.

Walmart/Dollar Tree

I didn't save a lot with coupons at Walmart this week, and I didn't do any price matching.  I did get a few deals on produce and the frozen pizza, however.

Fresh corn on the cob was on Rollback for 10/$1 so I grabbed 10 of those to freeze.  Strawberries were on Rollback for $1/lb, so I grabbed 2 of those to freeze.  (My little one LOVES them!)  The Totino's frozen pizza was on Rollback for $1 each.  I bought 4 and used a $.50/4 insert Q making them just $.86 each.  (These are cheap lunches!)  I also grabbed 2 Pictsweet frozen veggies for $.96 each and used a Q for $.75/2 making them $.59 each.  The Borden singles were $1.98 and I used a $1/1 Q to get those for $.98.  The tiny bottle of Heinz is $.60 in the deli and I used a $.50/1 Q, making it just $.10.  )Figured I'd stick it back for a picnic or camping trip.)  I also grabbed 2 gallons of milk, Sweet 'n low, chips (my Hubby pleaded for the Julio's!), tuna, sour cream, biscuits and cinnamon rolls along with bananas,  avacado and cilantro (for tonight's pork chops!).   I grabbed the bread at the Dollar Tree for $1.

Total spent:  $31.90
Total saved:  $2.75 (not including Rollbacks - I forgot to check the regular price)


I grabbed 2 small boxes of granola bars (from the $ spot) for $1/each and used a $.50/2 insert Q making them $.75/each.
The Lipton was $1.97 each and I used a $1/2 Target printable and a $.60/2 insert Q making each box $1.17.

Total spent:  $3.84
Total saved:  $2.10

Total spent this week:  $70.82
Total saved:  $44.57

And that's it!!  I plan to do no more shopping this week!!  I spent more than I normally do to stock up on the deals at Brookshire's but I still came in UNDER budget for the week!

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