I will be honest, I do not do a lot of shopping at Walgreen's and I am by no means a pro at playing "the drugstore game" there.  But, I will tell you what I know. Unlike CVS, your purchases are not tied to a card.  Everyone gets the deal.  No card needed.   I prefer CVS, just because it requires less thinking and planning on my part.  Why?  No fillers and no counting coupons.  Let me explain.  When you shop at Walgreen's or CVS you earn Register Rewards (Walgreen's) and Extra Care Bucks (CVS) when you purchase qualifying items.  For each qualifying purchase you will recieve a "coupon".  You may leave the store with any number of "coupons."  At CVS, the ECB's are used just like a gift card or a discount.  You can use as many ECB "coupons" as you want, no matter how many items or manufactuer coupons you are using.  At Walgreen's it is totally different.  You will still receive a "coupon" for each qualifying item, but that is where things change.  These are treated as a manufacturers coupon, therefore you cannot use a register reward and a manufacturers coupon on the same item unless you have a filler.  You have to have the same number of items as coupons.  Confused?  Let me give you an example.  Let's say that you start your shopping trip with $3 RR.  You purchase a tube of toothpaste for $3.99 and you have a manufacturers coupon for $1 off of the toothpaste.  If you have a RR for $1.50 and another for $1.50, it will work the same way.  You can not use both your RR and your coupon (or both of your RR) without another item in your transaction.  I will usually try to find somthing cheap like a pencil or pack of gum.  Just remember to make sure that have the same number of items as coupons and that RR count as coupons.  You can have more items than coupons, just not less.  You can also use one Walgreen's store coupon with a manufacturer coupon per item as well.   Walgreen's store coupons do not count in your coupon total.  You only need to count manufacturer's coupons and register reward coupons.  You can read the coupon policy for Walgreen's here.  You can always take it with you just in case you run into any problems.  I am by no means an expert, and there are lots of other bloggers who have a lot more experience than I do so please check out what they have to say about shopping at Walgreen's.  You can read this blog, http://www.iheartwags.com/,  for a lot more info.