Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Shopping Trip 5/27

I ran to Walmart yesterday armed with my Nexcare bandaid coupons only to find that they were all out.  I wasn't really surprised by this since the Q was a PDF that could be printed unlimited times.  Hopefully, they will restock and I can grab them next time.  I went ahead and grabbed a few other things while I was there.  Here is the breakdown:

(1) Pkg Ore-Ida Sweet Potato Fries @ $2.76
(1) Cottonelle wipe tub @ $2.22
(1) 5 ct Zyrtec @ $5.27
(1) Pert Plus travel size @ $.97
(1) KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce @ $.99 (PM from Brookshire's)
total:  $12.21

(1) Free Sweet Potato Fries coupon received by mail
(1) Free Cottonelle tub coupon received by mail
(1) free 5 ct Zyrtec received by mail
(1) $1/1 Pert Plus (no size restriction) insert coupon from 5/15 SS
(1) $1/1 KC Masterpiece insert coupon from 5/15 SS
total spent: $-.04 (and yes, Walmart paid me $.04!)
Total saved:  $12.63 (PM and coupons)

I try to take advantage of free offers anytime I see them.  Facebook is great for finding lots of freebie promos that companies offer.  The blogs that I follow usually point them out.  You can also snag high value coupons from FB promos.  Often times, I miss out (as they limit them) or don't see them until it's too late (as I try not to live on the computer), but sometimes I get lucky!

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  1. Fill me in when you see a freebie offer! I only rarely get one of those.