Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weekly Shopping Trip for 5/8

I got all of my shopping done early this week.  I managed to get to all the stores in the same day!  (Sorry I forgot to take any pictures!!  It's been a busy week already!)


The Pampers were the only thing I planned to buy this week.  I had to burn some of my RR, but I can't pass up diapers at that price!

Here is the breakdown:

Trans. #1
(2) jumbo Pampers @ $9/ea
(1) tub Pampers wipes @ $2.99
(4) Sunbelt granola bars @ $.25/ea
total:  $21.99

(1) $2/1 Pampers from P&G book I recieved by mail
(1) $1.50/1 Pampers from 5/1 P&G
(1) $.50/1 Pampers wipes from 5/1 P&G
(1) $2/1 Pampers Walgreen's Q from Infant care book (took off $4)
(3) $3 RR
(1) $2 RR
total spent: $2.99
total saved:  $22.98 (including sale)
Received $3 RR and a $5 cat for a future Pampers purchase

Trans. #2
(1) jumbo Pampers @ $9
(1) sunbelt granola bar @ $.25
total:  $9.25

(1) $1.50/1 Pampers from 5/1 P&G
(1) $2/1 Pampers Walgreen's Q
(1) $5 cat from trans. #1
total spent:  $.75
total saved:  $10.49 (including sale)


A slow week at CVS!  Only a couple of things I stopped for.

Trans. #1
(2) gallons/milk @ $2.99/ea*
(2) Duncan Hines brownie mix @ $.83/$.84/ea (these are the snack size boxes)
total: $7.65

(2) $50/1 Duncan Hines printable (I don't believe these are available anymore)
(1) $3 ECB
total spent: $3.65
total saved:  $5.93
Received $2 ECB for milk

* this ended up being $1.49/gallon for milk not including the ECB I got back!

Trans. #2
(1) Covergirl/Olay foundation @ $15.79
total:  $15.79

(1) $1/1 Covergirl from 5/1 P&G
(1) $5.54 ECB
(1) $2 ECB
total spent:  $4.25
total saved:  $11.54
received $3 ECB and a $5 ECB from Beauty Club


total spent $26.72
total saved (price matching and Qs):  $25.78

I ended up with:
 6 bags of Kraft cheese
 2 Hillshire farms lunchmeat
 4 canned veggies
 2 bags Lay's potato chips
and a whole lot more!!


2 bags MP frozen chicken nuggets @ $3.99/ea
total: $7.98

(1) $1.50/2 MP chicken Target printable
total spent :$6.48
total saved:  $1.50

Total spent this week: $44.84
Total saved:  $78.22!

I have skimmed though the sale ads for next week and it looks like there are a lot of good deals at Super 1 and Brookshire's.  I am challenging myself to buy VERY LITTLE at Walmart next week and shop those store for the sales!  There are a few things that I can still get cheaper (milk!) at Walmart.  I would love to only have to stop at Walmart for that and not have to price match!  We'll see how it goes!

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