Saturday, February 12, 2011

Albertson's (Tyler)

I stopped in Albertson's yesterday to check out the deals not really expecting to find any.  That was pretty much true.  They have taken further markdowns but the prices there are still so inflated that it doesn't make for a good deal on most things.  Groceries were at 30% off which brought the prices down to near what you pay at Walmart/Target.  Not a good enough deal for me.  The only deal I found in groceries was on Goldfish crackers.  The do have quite a bit at 70% off but it is really getting picked over.  I did find a few, literally, good deals that I snatched up. Some of these items were marked down from the original prices and the discount was taken off of that price.

Here is what I was able to get:
3 Goldfish crackers @ $1.50/each - 30% = $1.05 each
1 Finesse Hairspray @ $2.99 (reg. price $3.99) - 70% = $.90
2 Pantene conditioners @ $3.74 (reg. price $4.99) - 70% = $1.12
1 Pantene Restoratives shampoo @ $2.99 (reg. price $5.99) - 70% = $.90
1 5 pk. mechanical pencils @ $1.49 - 70% = $.45

I also grabbed a Dallas Cowboy baseball cap for my son for a Valentine gift:
$12.99 - 70% = $3.90

Total spent: $10.42 + tax
Total saved: (on sale prices) $22.02
                   (on regular prices)  $28.52

I know there are a couple of $1/2 Pantene product insert coupons.  I did not have them, but if you do that would be an even better deal on those!

I did notice a sign stating that there were only 9 days left.  I don't have any idea when the gorceries will go rock bottom but I presume that when they do they will blow out very quickly!  I was amused at people who had carts overflowing with gorceries as if they were getting a HUGE bargain.  I suppose if you always shop there, and don't mind the high prices, then you are getting a deal!

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