Friday, February 18, 2011

Brookshire's SCORE!!

I have said many times that I love buying meat at Brookshire's.  Especially for reduced meat.  I made a quick stop in today and found a HUGE selection of reduced meat!!  I really expected to find nothing, since they have really not had much the last few weeks.  I was excited!

I know this is not a very appetizing picture, but I was so happy with my find!
It's hard to tell from the picture but here is what I got (don't worry, I left plenty for others!):

3 lb trimmed brisket @ $6.01
1 lb beef stew meat @ $1.99
1.11 lb beef stew meat @ $2.21
1 lb beef skirt steak (for fajitas) @ $2.15
1 lb boneless beef ribs @ $1.71
1 lb beef round steak @ $2.25

(I forgot to write down the regular prices before I threw away the packaging and really didn't feel like rummaging through the trash, ooops...)

Total:  $16.32 (roughly an average savings of about %50)
I used a $20 gift card I recieved last week with my son's $3.99 prescription, so I paid $0!  :)  I have $3.68 left over!

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