Friday, January 14, 2011

Bakery Outlet

I can honestly say that I have never shopped at a bakery outlet.  I have no idea why, other than I haven't really thought about it.  Today, I decided to head there and see what it was all about not really sure what I would find.  I was amazed at the deals and I could not tell the difference at all between the items there and the identical items at the grocery store.  Everything looked and felt very fresh ad wasn't expired.  Granted the expirations were not far out but it's going into the freezer anyway.  (Double bagged)

Here is what I got:
2 loafs Mrs. Baird's Whole Grain White Bread @ $1.19 (1 was FREE - see bottom)
2 12 ct. pkgs. Kroger brown and serve wheat rolls @ $0.78/each
1 6 ct. Oroweat plain bagels @ $0.78
2 pkgs. Mrs. Baird's cinnamon rolls @ $1.00/each (these were mix/match 4/$4)
2 pkgs. Mrs. Baird's Grab N Go Donuts @ $1.00/each (part of the $4 mix/match)
2 pkgs 6 ct. Oroweat English Muffins @ $0.50/each  (They had an entire table of $0.50 stuff - bagel thins, sandwich thins, bread, etc.)

Plus, I got to choose a free item for spending $6, so I got another loaf of Whole Grain White Bread for FREE!

Total spent:  $8.53!!  and you get a punch card that earns you 2 more FREE items when you spend $30 total!

I plan on going back at least once a month to stock my freezer with bread, rolls and tortillas.  (They were low on tortillas this week but had an entire section for them.)  I know that there is cheaper bread at the grocery store but I always buy the whole grain white or wheat bread which runs at least $2 if it's on sale.  The cinnamon rolls and donuts are something that I buy every now and then as a treat but at a much higher price.  I won't buy them every time, but both my 8 yr. old and my husband love them so I'll throw it in occasionally. :)  I am sure that the stock changes, so it will be interesting to see what they have next time!

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