Monday, January 31, 2011

Shopping Trip 1/31

I made my weekly shopping trip this morning (I did hit Walgreen's yesterday).  Target, Walmart, and the Bakery Outlet were on my list.  I intended to get pictures of all of my purchases, but put them away before I remembered.  I did remember photos of Walgreen's and the bakery outlet.

Here is the rundown:


Breathe Right Strips 10 ct. @$3.99 (free with register coupon I received a few weeks ago)
2 EL Fudge Keebler Cookies on price cut @ $1.99/each (used $1/2 Keebler Target coupon)
   final price $1.49/each
2 Kraft shredded cheese advertised @ $2/each (used $1.25/2 Target coupon)
   final price $1.37/each
1 gallon milk @ $1.79
total spent: $7.52
total saved: $6.32


Tortilla chips @ $1.50
Potato chips @ $1.98
Eggo waffles @ $1.92
2 Lunchables @ $1.25/ech
Minute Rice @ $1.96 (used $.50 coupon from 1-30 RP)
  final price $1.46
Caprisun @ $1.97 (waiting for a good deal on these)
Velveeta Spicy Buffalo cheese 16 oz. @ $2.53
PF Goldfish on rollback @ $1.66 (these were $1 at Albertson's a while back, hoping for a stock up sale soon)
Sandwich bags 50 ct. @ $1.32
2 GV canned green beans on rollback @ $.48/each
Del Monte Mexican Stewed tomatoes @$1.08
Organic fresh carrots @ $.88
2 bananas @ $.28
green bell pepper @ $.68
Yobaby Yogurt 4 pk @ $2.28 (used $.50 coupon printable here)
   final price $1.78
GV sour cream @ $.88
Huggies wipes @ $2.37 (used $.75 coupon (no longer available) - there may still be a coupon here)
  final price $1.62
Oscar Mayer Carving Board Turkey @ $3.48 (used $1 coupon printable here)
  final price $2.48
Butterball Smoked Turkey sausage @ $2.36
GV frozen peas @ $.96
18 eggs @ $2.46 (won't need these all this week, but need them for 1st birthday cupcakes)
2 Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta on rollback @ $1.08/each (used $1/2 coupon printable here)
  final price $.58/each
Lipton tea bags 24 ct @ $1.50 (used $.60 coupon from 1-30 RP)
  final price $.90
Parkay margarine @ $1.22

Total spent: $36.95
Total saved: $5.15


You can read about my shopping trip to Walgreen's HERE.

Total spent: $6.79
Total saved: $58.16

Bakery Outlet

Have I mentioned how much I love the bakery outlet?  If you have never shopped at one, I urge you to give it a try (as long as you have freezer space for all your loot!).

3 loaves Mrs. Baird's Whole Grain White @ $.85/each
1 loaf Oroweat Potato bread @ $.50 (you never know what you will find on the $.50 table!)
1 package Tia Rosa flour tortillas 10 ct @ $.85
2 packages Mrs. Baird's Brown and Serve rolls @ $1.19 (we can easily get at least 4 meals out of these)
1 package Thomas Bagel Thins 8 ct @ Free (1 free item when you spend $6)

Total spent:  $6.28

I double bag my bread in plastic grocery bags (labeled) and store it in my chest freezer.  It thaws quickly when needed and has always tasted great!  (I usually only pull out what we need for that meal and leave the rest in the freezer until we need it again.)

Grand total for the week:  $57.54!

I am sure that I will make a trip to Brookshire's at the end of the week for reduced meat, but other than that I am done for this week.  If I see any other deals, I will pass them on!  Let me know how you did this week!


  1. Jennifer,
    Where is the bakery store now? It used to be at Rieck/Broadway, but I was thinking it has moved.

  2. It is out on 155 in Noonday, just north of the blue store.