Monday, January 10, 2011

My Shopping Trip 1/10

I made my weekly trek to Target and Walmart today and decided to go ahead and hit CVS and Walgreen's while I was at it.  I normally don't do all of the stops in one day but I figured I'd just get it out of the way.  I am glad I did and I got some really great deals!  (Sorry my pictures aren't great.  I have temporarily misplaced my good camera.)

Here is how it went:

Walmart and Target
Total Spent:  $43.42 (Walmart) $3.75 (Target)
Not a huge savings at either place but I did find Great Value canned veggies for $0.48, down from $0.67.  I went to Target looking for a couple of things that I didn't find, so it wasn't a great trip this week.

Spend $25 on Scott, Cottonelle, or Kleenex and get $10 ECB

I bought:
1 24 ct. Scott toilet paper @ $10
1 10 ct Scott paper towels @ $10
3 Cottonelle wipes    @ $6
1 Dove chocolate bar @ $0.89  (get $0.89 ECB back)
Total:  $26

- 2  $1/1 Scott toilet papers or paper towels
- 1  $1/2 Cottonelle wipes or refills 
- $0.50/1 Dove chocolate bar (this printed at the card scanning machine)
- $10 ECBs from last weeks purchase

total paid out of pocket:  $14.49 
Recieved $10.89 ECB back!
Net OOP:  $3.60!!

I had $10 RR that I needed to use this week before they expired.  I was so glad I came across this deal!!

(I did not see this deal advertised and it was not marked in my store so I took my chances that it would work out.  But it did!!  For me, at least!!)

I bought:
5 boxes of Nature Valley Granola bars @ $10 receive $3.50 RR
- used 3 $0.50/1 (here or here) and 1 $1/2 coupons (here)
total: $7.50 after coupons

I needed something to cover the other $2.50 of my RR so I purchsed the EOS lipbalm @ $2.99 and received $2 RR. (this was advertised and marked in the store)

I used $10 RR and paid $0.49 OOP and received $5.50 RR back!  A $5.01 moneymaker!

Remember that at Walgreen's you have to have one item per coupon so make sure you grab some fillers if you need them! (Register rewards count as coupons!)

(Be sure to search the coupon database for coupons you can use if I haven't provided a direct link!)

Let me know what you find this week!!

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