Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sunday Coupon Preview

The Sunday Coupon preview for 1/23 is ready to view!  It looks like there will be 2 inserts and there are quite a few good coupons.  You can take a peek at Sunday Coupon Preview here.

**Remember:  some coupons may be regional.  There is no guarantee that you will recieve every coupon listed.  Coupon values may differ as well.**

If there is a particular coupon you want, or you need multiple copies, you can always order from My Coupon Hunter, or another clipping service, if you don't want to buy a newspaper.  I have used My Coupon Hunter and have never had a problem.  Keep in mind that will take a few days (it takes 3 to get to me in Texas) so check to make sure it won't expire before you can use it.  You can access My Coupon Hunter's site from the sidebar.

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